April 25

2023 Allergy Capitals Report Explained — Which US Cities Have the Worst Allergy Season?

Allergies are an increasingly common condition in the United States. The 2023 Allergy Capitals Report provides an important insight into the cities currently suffering from the worst allergy season. This report identifies the top 100 cities in America where allergies are most problematic, taking factors such as airborne pollen counts, median mold spores, and ragweed allergen index into account. Knowing which cities suffer from higher-than-normal allergen levels can help those with allergies prepare for the upcoming seasons and make informed decisions about their travels and daily activities.

In this article, Camfil air quality experts explain the findings of the 2023 Allergies Capital Report and discuss strategies for mitigating the effects of pollen allergies.

What is the Allergies Capital Report?

Each year, the Allergies and Asthma Foundation of America (AAFA) releases a report highlighting the 100 worst cities for seasonal allergy sufferers based on three main quantifiable factors:

  • Pollen count scores from trees, grasses, weeds, and other pollen-producing plants
  • Usage of over-the-counter allergy medication usage
  • Availability of allergy specialists per capita

This year’s report emphasizes the importance of monitoring local pollen levels with pollen sensors, the impact of climate change on seasonal allergies, and self-care strategies for seasonal allergy sufferers.

Seasonal Allergies FAQs

What Are Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, more commonly referred to...

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