The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions. Camfil is also one of the most global air filtration specialists in the world with 26 production units and R&D centers in four countries in the Americas, Europe, South East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.
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Are Commercial Air Filtration Systems Effective at Capturing Vehicle Exhaust?

October 09
In enclosed spaces like underground parking lots and vehicle garages, vehicle exhaust fumes pose a real health and safety risk, hence the need for an efficient commercial air filtration system. These ventilation solutions remove exhaust gases from an enclosed area and bring in fresh air from the outside, ensuring that vehicle emissions don’t linger and cause health problems, or worse, fatalit...

Camfil USA to Celebrate Expansion with Groundbreaking Ceremony

August 17
Camfil USA has announced an upcoming groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of its Crystal Lake facility in Illinois. The event, scheduled for Tuesday, August 28th at 11:00 am, signals the beginning of a new era of growth for one of the world’s leaders in air quality filtration. “For more than a decade, we’ve been committed to being the world’s largest, sustainable air filtration comp...

Four Problems The EPA Faces In Reducing Pollutants

June 28
Air pollution has the potential to harm people’s health and welfare in a variety of different ways, making programs to control air pollution of vital importance. Since the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been tackling various problems regarding air pollution, largely through the landmark Clean Air Act, an effort that has substantially reduced levels of different air pol...

Camfil Air Protection Screens for Air Handling Units and HVAC

June 22
New Jersey, NJ - Camfil USA now offers air protection screens. Made-to-measure to HVAC air intake openings, external protection screens made from a unique mesh traps airborne debris such as pollen, leaves, and insects.   With minimal impact on airflow, the protections screens stop debri from entering the air handling unit and clogging internal equipment such as coils, fans, and ductwork. ht...

How Air Pollutants Are Threatening Plants and Animals

June 21
When most people think about damage from air pollution, they think of it in terms of its effects on human health. This is understandable, as we’re humans and we filter what we know about the world through our own experiences. Yet it’s important to remember that air pollution negatively affects the entire world around us, which includes plant life and animal life as well. Animals and plant...

Why Wastes In Chemical Labs Can Be Toxic without Commercial Air Filters

May 01
Employees of chemical labs can easily be exposed to a number of different dangerous air pollutants and compounds. Hazardous waste products at chemical labs include things that can ignite, corrode, react violently with other compounds, or generally be toxic to the human body. Toxic chemical wastes often give off dangerous particles of air pollution that can easily damage a person’s lungs, ki...

Are Toxic Air Pollutants Linked With Arthritis

May 01
Air pollution can cause a number of different health problems depending upon factors like the kind of air pollutant a person is exposed to, the concentration of the pollutant, and the person's individual genetics. It’s long been known that air pollution can lead to the development of cardiovascular and respiratory ailments. This makes sense, as the pollutants enter the lungs and cause damag...

Protecting Our Food From Microbes With Commercial Air Filters

March 05
Air pollution can affect our health in a variety of ways. Breathing in toxic air pollutants can cause a variety of health problems. Air pollutants can also harm the environment, contributing to global warming. One aspect of air pollution that isn't frequently addressed is how the air pollution caused by biological air pollutants can threaten the safety of our food. If food is prepared in th...

Camfil USA Announces Expansion Of North American Production Capacity

November 03, 2017
Camfil USA is pleased to announce that it will expand its North American production capacity, and hopes to complete the project by 2019. The expansion is expected to increase capacity for products that include Megalam, Absolute, Filtra 2000, Durafil, and other air filtration products by 50 percent.   “Our board has approved this expansion in response to the unprecedented growth that we ...

What’s The Link Between Indoor Air Quality And How Smart You Are

October 20, 2017
For years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sounded the alarm about the importance of improving indoor air quality, because people spend as much as 90 percent of their lives indoors. And in fact, studies have found that residences and workplaces with high levels of pollutants can worsen asthma conditions, reduce lung function and even lead to serious illnesses such as lung...