March 20, 2014

As Indoor Air Pollution Threat Takes Center Stage, so Do Clean Air Solutions

Energy-efficient air filters can reduce both health risks and costs

Indoor air pollution may be hard to see, but increasingly, it’s getting on the radar. In India, for example, poor indoor air quality has become the country’s third leading cause of death. Due largely to outdoor pollutants that seep inside, indoor air pollution can lead to a range of serious medical conditions, such as respiratory diseases like asthma (indeed, more people die of asthma in India than anywhere else in the world).

Solving the indoor air pollution problem is not going to be easy. Individuals spend up to 90 percent of their day inside, so even moderately poor air quality can bring serious health risks. While beefing up environmental laws, regulations, and monitoring are a route many countries are taking, results have been mixed. In much of the world, monitoring is difficult and often haphazardly implemented. Meanwhile, nations like India and China are growing rapidly, with more automobiles on the road -- leading to more outdoor pollution, which in turn increases the perils indoors. In urban areas in China, for instance, the level of “PM 2.5 particles” -- a worrisome type of pollution too small to see with the naked eye -- is routinely 8 times the safety limit set by the World Health Organization.

While legislative and regulatory measures are to be applauded -- and encouraged -- there is a lot that businesses, schools, hospitals, and property managers can do themselves to improve indoor air quality, and reduce risks for their employees, residents, patients, and students. Chief among the strategies: effective air filtration.

Today’s cutting-edge air filters -- leveraging advanced engineering and materials -- do a better job than ever at ridding indoor air of the dangerous particles that jeopardize health and safety. And the best of these air filters are energy efficient to boot, so that their increased performance is accompanied by decreasing lifetime costs. That’s a win for individuals -- and the pocket book.

At the forefront of these next-generation air filters is Camfil -- the leading provider of clean air solutions. Having long ago made the development of sustainable, high efficiency air filters a priority, Camfi leverages a half dozen global research centers to create designs that don’t just lead the industry, but lead users to a more healthful future.

By maintaining peak efficiency far longer than traditionally designed air filters, Camfil filters require less energy to push air through, reducing costs while improving air quality. A typical Camfil customer can reduce its HVAC energy costs by 20 percent, its installation costs by 50 percent, and its disposal costs by 70 percent.

Putting an end to indoor air pollution -- and its perils -- won’t happen overnight. But with innovative, sustainable products from companies like Camfil, we’re already making important progress on air quality -- and quality of life.

The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We provide the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections -- all while lowering total cost of ownership. Camfil customers go green without ever sacrificing performance. For more information, visit us online at, or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

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