October 19, 2022

Camfil Addison, IL (Chicago) School Air Filtration Experts Explain Indoor Air quality in Schools

Learn how indoor air quality affects children's school performance. Camfil Addison School Air Filtration Experts Answer.

A crucial factor in a student’s success is the air they breathe. Research has demonstrated the effects of air quality on several key aspects of cognition. 

In a 2016 study, researchers tested how air quality affected the cognitive performance of office workers. Study participants spent six full work days (eight hours) in environmentally-controlled office spaces, blind to test conditions. Each day, they were exposed to different levels of pollutants (VOCs and CO2), and the spaces were ventilated at different rates.

Researchers found that all of the nine cognitive function domains were improved by higher air quality. Cognitive scores averaged 61% higher on days with better air quality and 101% higher on days with better air quality and improved ventilation than on days that represented typical office air quality conditions.

Sharp cognitive function is especially important for children, as it is necessary for developing critical thinking skills, absorbing information, and learning problem-solving.

Fortunately, poor indoor air quality in schools can be controlled through the use of high-efficiency air filters in the HVAC systems of schools where possible. In the many cases where the school’s HVAC system is not equipped to handle high-efficiency filters, standalone air purifiers, such as Camfil’s City M, can be used. This provides the added benefit of removing gaseous pollutants, such as VOCs, from the air.

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Addison is a village located in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, in DuPage County, Illinois, United States.

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