September 15, 2014

Camfil Air Filter Company Reports - Air Filtration Reduces Risk of Swine Viruses

Key filtration conference to include session on how cutting-edge air filters can beat back harmful viruses at nation’s swine farms

Viruses have become a mounting problem for the nation’s swine farms, with one disease -- Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) -- costing farmers and pork producers more than half a billion dollars each year.  But research has shown that air filtration systems can help eliminate the risk -- and the harm -- by preventing the introduction of viruses into swine populations.  Little wonder, then, that cutting-edge clean air solutions are increasingly being adopted by pork producers.   And this, experts say, is just the start.


The effectiveness of air filtration in preventing swine viruses will be explored at Filtration 2014, to be held in Baltimore between November 18 and 20.  The annual conference and exposition, held by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA), has been the largest filtration event in the Americas for more than two decades.


Scheduled for Wednesday November 19, the session “Use of Air Filtration Systems to Reduce Risk of Swine Viruses” will cover the cost and benefits of air filtration in swine farms, as well as the ability of clean air solutions to reduce the introduction of viral infections, standards for filter testing, and the opportunities and challenges of air filtration in livestock production.  The session’s speaker will be Professor Montserrat Torremorell of the University of Minnesota’s School of Veterinary Medicine.


Reducing the spread of PRRS and other airborne diseases has been a priority for companies like Camfil -- the world’s leading providers of clean air solutions. Camfil introduced the first air filter expressly designed to limit the spread of PRRS, the Camfil Pathogen Barrier, in 2005. That product has been proven to reduce the risk of the virus, helping to protect hogs, and hog farmers.  Leveraging its network of global research facilities, Camfil has led the charge in developing cutting-edge air filters that do a better job removing harmful particles from the air, while using less energy and lasting longer than traditional designs.


PRRS has been a troubling development for the swine industry, but it is one that can be tackled and reduced through the use of innovative new technology.  Conferences like Filtration 2014 do a vital job of explaining how these advances can be put to use -- quickly, efficiently, and successfully.


The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  We provide the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections -- all while lowering total cost of ownership.  Camfil customers go green without ever sacrificing performance.  For more information, visit us online at


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