November 12, 2021

Commercial Air Filtration Company Camfil Reports on Big Data and Commercial HVAC Systems

Why HVAC systems and big data need to team up for better IAQ

The integration of smart data analytics tools into commercial HVAC systems can decrease maintenance costs and increase energy efficiency while providing an impressive boost in indoor air quality.

Across the country, owners and facility managers are embracing smart HVAC systems and building automation tools in order to gain actionable insights over their ventilation and filtration equipment.

By collecting and analyzing equipment performance data, forward thinking commercial entities are able to spot expensive equipment failures before they happen while also keeping an eye on things like ventilation efficiency and overall energy usage.

As smart HVAC components become more affordable, commercial and industrial operators should look to integrate them further into their facilities as an investment in workplace IAQ which in reality is an investment in the workers themselves.

The Big Data Available from All Types of HVAC Systems

A staggering 35% of global energy consumption is used for commercial buildings. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a large portion of the energy consumption and presents significant challenges to managers and facility owners motivated either by their shareholders or their customers to increase energy efficiency across the board.

Making commercial HVAC systems more ‘visible’ means using big data to monitor energy usage at multiple specific components, making it possible to pinpoint the biggest energy drains and address them one by one.

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