October 10, 2023

Commercial and Public Building Air Filters: A Comprehensive Guide

18–21 minutes to read

Good indoor air quality in commercial and public buildings is essential to providing a safe, comfortable environment for employees and visitors. It can also have a direct impact on energy efficiency and the long-term structural integrity of the building while reducing the risk of legal and regulatory headaches.

Think about how poor air quality makes you feel when you walk into an office, store, school, hotel, restaurant, museum, entertainment venue or municipal building. If you notice an odor, high humidity or even signs of moisture or mold, will you feel confident staying there? Will you be productive in such an environment? Would you feel comfortable inviting a client or visitor to that building? How would it affect your perception of the building operator or owner?

Air filters play an essential role in improving and maintaining good air quality. Air filters not only prevent the spread of harmful contaminants, but they also allow cleaner air to circulate continuously through commercial and public buildings, replacing dirty air with healthy, clean air.

Let’s discuss the importance of air quality, obstacles to good air quality, different types of air filters, and factors to consider when choosing, installing and maintaining air filters.

Why Air Quality Matters in Commercial and Public Buildings

First and foremost, poor air quality can have a direct impact on the health of occupants. The sad reality is that indoor air pollution levels are typically...

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