February 11

Commercial and Public Building Air Filters for Laboratories: A Rigorous Examination of Containment and Protection

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Laboratories in pharmaceutical and biopharma facilities are highly sensitive environments that must meet rigid air quality standards. Sophisticated air filtration is an absolute necessity in laboratories where researchers, products, instrumentation, and equipment within the facility, as well as people and environments outside the facility, must be protected.

Dangerous materials that are handled and manipulated in laboratories within the life sciences, healthcare and nuclear medicine R&D facilities, for example, must be properly contained to maintain appropriate biosafety levels and mitigate risk. Air filtration solutions that account for both incoming and outgoing air will prevent exposure to harmful contaminants and ensure regulatory compliance while keeping maintenance and energy costs low.

Let’s take a closer look at the critical role air filters play in containment and protection in laboratory environments.

The Imperative of Optimal Air Quality in Laboratories

Optimal air quality is vital to both a safe laboratory environment and overall public health. At the same time, research integrity is the foundation of reliable, efficient scientific progress. The nexus between proper air quality and research integrity is highly complex. Proven processes and accurate, reliable data are needed to understand and mitigate risks involving airborne pollutants.

Consider the potential health implications of suboptimal air quality for scientists and laboratory...

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