February 11

Commercial and Public Building Air Filters for Pharmacies: Ensuring Safe and Efficient Operations

Experts estimate that there are more than 10,000 prescription medications available in the United States alone, in addition to compound medications and biological products. Given the high number of medications handled and dispensed by pharmacies, many of which can cause health problems when inhaled, maintaining proper air quality is essential to safeguarding pharmacy professionals and equipment by reducing exposure to harmful airborne contaminants.

Of course, many people with a wide range of communicable diseases visit pharmacies throughout the day. From the common cold and influenza to COVID-19, airborne diseases caused by viruses and bacteria are common in pharmacies. Modern air filters and properly designed air filtration and ventilation systems play a vital role in preventing the spread of disease in these environments.

The Crucial Need for Air Quality in Pharmacies

Protecting the health of pharmacists, staff, and customers is clearly the top priority when developing a strategy for maintaining clean air in a pharmacy setting. Pharmacies are considered high-risk areas for exposure to airborne contaminants, including those emanating from medications, as well as allergens, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, and bacteria. Contamination can even trigger allergic reactions.

Air quality is also critical in ensuring the purity and efficacy of drugs that are processed in pharmacies. Medication can become unsafe or ineffective when contaminated with...

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