March 17

Download Air Filtration in Schools Info Pack by Camfil School Air Filtration Experts

National air filtration leader Camfil continues to educate by creating a new initiative for schools, colleges, and universities

Improving both ventilation and air filtration is a comprehensive strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools, colleges and universities. In fact, American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds are available to help with these costs.

Introducing fresh outdoor air into a building helps disperse virus particles, while air filtration can capture these small, airborne particles. How can air filtration strategies help mitigate virus risks in your educational facilities? Click the link to read the recently published Clean Air blog article:

Fighting the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools, Colleges, and Universities through Ventilation and Air Filtration.

Air Filtration in Schools Info Pack

Air Filtration in Schools Info Pack


The right air filters can dramatically improve the air quality in your school. Learn how to protect students and staff with our information pack that includes:

  • COVID-19 Air Filtration Strategies
  • Reducing Dangerous Particles in the Classroom Case Study
  • Tools-for-Schools Brochure
  • Air Purification in Schools Video

How can quality air filters help keep your classroom safe? FREE DOWNLOAD REQUEST

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