February 11

Filtration Guidelines for Aseptic Processing and Packaging Released

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Evidence of the high standards followed by manufacturers of the food we eat is on display by how often we prepare and eat meals with little thought to food safety. This is more a testament to the hard work of the men and women in this industry than it is to a careless attitude. The reality is we demand a high level of safety in the food products we purchase, but it’s worth a few moments to highlight organizations that make this possible.

IFTPS (Institute for Thermal Processing Specialist) is one of those organizations that allows us to enjoy some of our favorite foods and beverages safely. Broadly speaking, thermal processing is a technique that uses heat to sterilize food, but that is far too simple of an explanation. (That’s like saying surgery is just something done with a scalpel). Thermally processing food requires a similar knowledge base and commitment to excellence as the consequences of failure for either are potentially catastrophic.

“IFTPS is an international organization whose mission is to provide leadership and education for thermal processing specialists to enhance awareness and ensure public health safety by using the knowledge of a diverse membership through communication, networking, research, and establishing best practices.”

Recently, IFTPS published the document; Guideline for Sterilizing Filtration of Air and Other Gases in Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Food and Beverages. As evidence of just how technical this field can be,...

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