September 25, 2022

Flu Season in 2022: How to Prepare with Air Filters New Resource by Camfil Air Filtration

Introducing new resources from Camfil Air filtration on how to prepare for flu season in 2022.

With the weather beginning to cool down in many parts of the United States, influenza and other respiratory infections will soon begin to circulate. In some places, including Texas, Delaware, Georgia, and New Mexico, flu infection rates are already beginning to climb. In this article, air quality experts from Camfil explain how air filters and air purifiers can help prevent the spread of the flu this fall and winter. The resource covers:

  • When Is Flu Season 2022?

  • Why Do We Get Sick More in the Winter?

  • How Is the Flu Transmitted?

  • How Do Air Purifiers Help Prevent Flu?

  • Camfil City M HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Find the best air filtration solutions for your building this flu season by consulting your local Camfil representative.

Report: How to Prepare for Flu Season with Air Filters in 2022

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