May 10, 2016

Hospital Workers Compensation Claim Dismissed Following Air Quality Improvement

An independent air quality test at an extended care hospital reflected positive results with the switch to Camfil filtration products.

A change in air filtration products helped lead to the dismissal of a workers compensation claim against an extended care hospital in Richmond, British Columbia over air quality. A case study outlining the impact of the change was released by global clean air solutions provider Camfil. The company recently discussed the outcome of the study in two publications about the impact a change in indoor air quality can have on the lives of individuals who live and work in highly polluted areas.


Research on Reducing Indoor Air Pollution Caused By Outside Sources


Indoor air pollution is often the result of contaminants seeping in from outside sources like vehicle exhaust. According to Camfil’s case study, this was the major issue faced by the extended care facility, prompting unionized workers to file a complaint over exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes and odors that were being distributed through the HVAC systems.


As stated in the report “the hospital’s HVAC systems were upgraded several times over the years as hospital expansion projects took place. The extended care unit and several areas of the hospital were experiencing vehicle exhaust fumes and odors from the outside air supply via the HVAC systems.”


In the article “Case Study Shows Camfil Clean Air Tools Combat Indoor Pollution from Vehicles,” the clean air solutions provider points out that the decision to convert to high efficiency and carbon filters helped improve the quality of the indoor air environment relatively quickly. Following the shift, the results showed “Positive results were seen within a week,” and the claim filed by the workers was eventually dismissed. According to Camfil “the decision was made to install “both built-up and Model 6P GlidePack® air filter systems in four different air handling units (AHUs) that incorporated four-stage filtration at different CFM levels… By converting to Camfil filtration products, the hospital eliminated odors, emissions and pollutants from outdoors.”


In a separate publication, “Mexico City Announces Plans to Fight Air Pollution: What Health Concerns Remain?” Camfil recommends the use of such methods in dealing with indoor air quality issues that stem from outdoor pollutants. The company suggests, “Although it is difficult for us to limit our exposure to outdoor pollution, we can do a lot to improve indoor air. Since we spend most of our time inside buildings, indoor air quality is crucial to our health. Pollution found inside a building is a cocktail of outdoor air pollutants and indoor pollutants such as, tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biological pollutants.”


About Camfil


Camfil is a global leader in developing air filtration products that have demonstrated unparalleled success in helping owners and operators of commercial, industrial, and residential facilities improve the air quality within their structures. More information about the range of products and services offered by the company to reduce the presence of indoor air contaminants can be found by visiting


For more information about the aforementioned Camfil case study read “Mexico City Announces Plans to Fight Air Pollution: What Health Concerns Remain?” and “Case Study Shows Camfil Clean Air Tools Combat Indoor Pollution from Vehicles.”


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