February 11

How Air Purifiers Can Reduce the Risk of Airborne Illnesses this Flu Season

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As temperatures start to drop across the United States and people gather indoors more often, influenza and other respiratory illnesses will begin to make the rounds. Continue reading to learn more about how air purifiers can be used to prevent the spread of the flu, the common cold, COVID-19, and other airborne illnesses this winter.

Why Do More People Get Sick in the Winter?

Increased respiratory and other infections during the fall and winter have been attributed to various factors, as suggested by health experts. These factors include:

  • Many pathogens are more effective at multiplying in lower temperatures.
  • During cold weather, people tend to gather indoors in both large and small groups, often for extended periods. Respiratory illnesses are less likely to spread outside due to better air circulation and less physical closeness between people compared to indoor spaces.
  • During winter, our immune systems tend to be less effective. As our bodies prioritize vital functions like regulating internal temperature, less urgent functions such as the immune system take a backseat. This leaves us more susceptible to viruses and bacteria when exposed to them.

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Common Airborne Illnesses

It is important to be aware of some of the most common airborne illnesses so that you can take the appropriate strategies to prevent specific illnesses as infection rates rise in your area. Common and highly infectious...

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