November 27, 2018

Camfil Health Alert: Damaging California Wildfires Are Affecting Your Air

Leading Air Filter Manufacture Camfil USA explains how wildfires can cause intense air pollution that lasts for months and requires the use of high efficiency commercial air filters.

Learn how wildfires are causing intense air pollution across the United States and how it affects the air you breathe whether you live in California or not.

How High Efficiency Air Filters Keep People Safe During and After Wildfires  

Wildfires are dangerous enough due to the flames that can damage landscapes and homes, but they can also contribute to deadly air pollution. The combustion of biofuels, things like wood, grasses, shrubs, and forbs, can release a wide variety of toxic air pollutants including black carbon and particulate matter. Wildfire flames can also release dangerous chemicals like benzenes and other volatile organic compounds. Depending on the conditions of the weather and geography of the landscape where the fire took place, these air pollutants can hang around for long, protracted periods of time, doing continual damage to the health of people in the region.