September 24, 2022

How to Prepare for Flu Season with Air Filters in 2022

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With the weather beginning to cool down in many parts of the United States, influenza and other respiratory infections will soon begin to circulate. In some places, including Texas, Delaware, Georgia, and New Mexico, rates of flu infection are already beginning to climb. In this article, air quality experts from Camfil explain how air filters and air purifiers can help prevent the spread of the flu this fall and winter.

Why Do We Get Sick More in the Winter?

Health experts speculate that many factors contribute to increased respiratory and other infections in the fall and winter, including:

  • There are a range of pathogens that reproduce more effectively in cooler temperatures.
  • Our immune systems are often less effective during the winter. When our body is preoccupied with more essential functions, such as maintaining an adequate internal temperature, less urgent bodily functions such as the immune system take the backseat, leaving us more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria when we come into contact with them.
  • When the weather is colder, people are more likely to congregate in both large and small groups indoors for extended periods of time.

People are likely to spend more time in confined indoor spaces when the weather is colder, which increases the likelihood of encountering pathogens in the air.

How Is the Flu Transmitted?

According to the CDC, influenza spreads via airborne transmission routes, as explained below:

“People with flu can spread it to...

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