September 04, 2022

Camfil Report Covers Improving Air Quality in Areas Affected by Wildfires

Use an air purifier to supplement your HVAC system’s filtration. . Camfil’s City M air purifier uses both HEPA filtration and activated carbon filtration.

Riverdale, NJ - Wildfires are usually at their peak July through October. This year is no exception. Summer droughts, reduced mountaintop snowpack and lightning strikes have doubled the area of wildfires in the western U.S. In this new resource by wildfire air quality Camfil air quality experts explain and illustrate the following topics.

Largest wildfires in California in 2022, by number of acres burned

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Areas Affected by Wildfires

  • Does wildfire smoke affect air quality?

  • Why wildfire smoke is a health concern

  • What is the Air Quality Index?

  • How wildfires affect AQI

  • Filtering Wildfire Smoke (Cleaning the Air)

  • Capturing PM2.5 Particulates

  • Capturing Gases

  • Installing Filtration to Mitigate Wildfire Smoke

  • Camfil Recommendations

Download this comprehensive report here:

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