February 11

Making Your New Year’s Resolution Last: How an Air Purifier Can Optimize Your Workout

A popular goal among those who participate in setting New Year’s resolutions is the commitment to exercising more often and more consistently. However, the quality of the air we breathe during workouts is an often overlooked factor that can significantly impact our performance and overall health. Just as you wouldn’t use equipment or consume products that hinder your progress or pose harm, it’s essential to hold the air you breathe to the same high standard for optimized athletic performance.

Continue reading to learn from air quality specialists about how an air purifier can protect your health and enhance your workouts.

How Does Air Pollution Affect Athletic Performance?

There is a long-standing scientific link between exposure to air pollution and declines in academic performance; these effects become even more prominent in more advanced athletes. Researchers have found that air pollution levels are predictors of athletic performance in populations ranging from average Americans to high school track runners and even Olympic athletes, with short-term air pollution exposure having greater impacts than long-term exposure.

Extensively documented evidence underscores the notable impact of exercising amidst pollutants on respiratory health as a whole. When engaging in physical exertion, even activities such as yoga and weight-lifting that may not necessarily induce breathlessness, the heightened oxygen requirement of the muscles necessitates deeper and more frequent...

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