July 16, 2022

Manage COVID-19 and Other Airborne Contaminants with Proper Air Filtration at Gyms and Fitness Centers

Surface cleaning has always been an integral part of sanitation in fitness centers, particularly when it comes to wiping down machines or equipment that people have used. But as these facilities started to open again after pandemic restrictions eased, cleaning the air has become an important part of the hygiene regimen. While surface cleaning remains an important tool for fighting infection, better air quality through filtration and ventilation has come to the forefront of health and safety in helping mitigate COVID-19 and other airborne contaminants.

For fitness centers and gyms especially, improving air filtration makes sense because of the constant huffing and heavy breathing from exercising members. In fact, these facilities were specifically flagged by the CDC as high risk for COVID-19 transmission. Recent data has shown that the air quality at gyms and fitness centers needed attention even before COVID-19.1 The use of cleaning products, heavy breathing and sweating from members plus high humidity levels can create a “cocktail” of chemicals in the air.

“Cleaning the air will not only help keep your members safe, it will give them peace of mind,” said filtration expert Mark Davidson, Manager of Marketing and Technical Materials at Camfil USA. “This will allow them to enjoy their workout and have a positive experience at your gym without constantly thinking about the risk of catching not just COVID-19, but common colds and the flu as well.”

Other Threats to Indoor Air...

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