October 05, 2022

PM Checklist for HVAC System – Should You Extend the Time Between PM Service Calls?

13–15 minutes to read

Base PM schedule on equipment needs, not air filter changes.

Ask drivers how often they should change the oil in their cars and you’ll likely hear an answer that’s been repeated for generations: ‘three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.’ The performance of older automobile engines and the low quality of motor oil demanded a short interval be followed to avoid expensive repairs. However, that may no longer be valid as improvements to automotive engines and advancement in oil chemistry has changed the paradigm; saving many companies significant internal or external labor hours and cost.

Today, some synthetic oils guarantee twenty-thousand miles between changes, which, for the average American who drives 14,263 miles annually, means a once-per-year oil change. While car manufacturers are extending maintenance intervals up to 10,000 miles, and in some cases longer, that message has not yet reached everyone. Quick in-and-out oil change shops with guilt-inducing windshield stickers are doing their best to ensure the 3,000 mile/three-month oil change remains firmly in place, for obvious reasons.

But oil change intervals are not the only maintenance cycle under challenge due to advanced technology. Recent improvements to HVAC equipment, building automation systems, and air filter technology have progressed to the point where the question should be asked: Is it also time to rethink the industry standard of automatically scheduling quarterly PM...

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