April 22, 2022

Salt Lake City Camfil School Filter Experts report on air quality in Salt Lake City, UT, for the year 2022

Salt Lake City, UT air filtration experts list ways schools can improve indoor air quality including proper ventilation and using high-efficiency air filters.

Utah is a beautiful state with many great features that make it a wonderful place to live. One of the challenges facing Utah and other states is ensuring good air quality for their citizens. Camfil provides expert advice on maintaining healthy air in schools through our 2022 report on Salt Lake City, UT. Our filters help keep classrooms clean and protect students and staff from the dangers of poor air quality. Our report covers key factors in maintaining good air quality in schools, such as using the right air filters, making sure HVAC systems are properly maintained, and providing proper ventilation.


We want to ensure every student has a safe and healthy learning environment, so they compiled this report to help schools in Utah improve their air quality.

If you’re looking for help ensuring your school is taking all the necessary precautions to keep students and staff safe during this pandemic, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can provide you with the best possible advice on how to protect those who are most vulnerable and ensure that your school meets or exceeds all safety guidelines. Speak with a Camfil Salt Lake City, UT school filtration expert.


This blog article for Salt Lake City, UT schools offers advice on helping prevent COVID-19 from spreading in schools.

Camfil has been in the air filtration business for decades, and our team of experts has unparalleled knowledge and experience when it comes to critical air quality solutions for schools.

Fighting the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools, Colleges, and Universities through Ventilation and Air Filtration

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