February 11

The Importance of Air Filtration in Cities with Heavy Traffic

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More than 45 million people in the United States live, work, or attend school within 300 feet of a major road, airport, or railroad. Air pollution in these areas can be especially high, meaning that people living close to large roads should be even more aware of the impacts of road traffic pollution.

In this article, air pollution experts from Camfil explain the effects of air pollution resulting from excessive traffic in urban areas and the importance of air filtration to address these concerns.

What Air Pollutants Come from Heavy Traffic?

Cars, trucks, and other vehicles emit hundreds of different chemicals into the air, which are found in higher concentrations near major roads. Examples of common pollutants that are directly emitted by automobiles and other vehicles include:

  • Particulate matter (PM), also known as particle pollution, is a mixture of airborne particles made up of solid and liquid droplets. By themselves, these particles are so small, they can be seen only with a microscope. In addition to road traffic, particulate matter comes from a variety of sources, such as power plants, construction activities, wood burning, and agricultural burning. Particulate matter can affect health in a number of ways. The smaller the particle, the deeper it can penetrate the lungs, leading to serious health risks such as heart and lung diseases. Long-term exposure to PM can cause asthma, bronchitis, and even premature death. PM can also have a...

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