January 05, 2023

The Obvious and Hidden Benefits of Air Conditioning 

13–15 minutes to read

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 88% of American households reported some form of air conditioning with 66% of those households having central AC. In the nation’s geographical areas where summer temperatures and humidity are higher, the number is closer to 95%. However, according to the IEA, (International Energy Agency) only 8% of the 2.8 billion people living in some of the hottest areas outside of the US, have air conditioning in their homes.

The positive impact of air conditioning on our lives is hard to overstate. If it’s summer and you’re reading this at home, you are more comfortable than you would be otherwise. If reading online, you wouldn’t be able to do so at the speed and convenience (and low cost) as you do now without air conditioning cooling the servers in data centers that power the internet. If sick or recovering from surgery in a hospital, controlling temperature and humidity promotes healing. Doctors, nurses, other staff members and medical equipment perform better in controlled environments. At work, your employer reaps significant productivity gains in those spaces that are air-conditioned.

One less obvious benefit, and underutilized, of air conditioning, is the necessity to install filters that remove contaminants from the airstream to maintain the performance of the cooling coils. It was discovered early on that dirt accumulating on the coils essentially acted as an insulator and reduced the heat transfer...

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