February 18

Vlog 2 — Commercial Air Filtration: Understanding Air Filter Costs. . .Insights from Camfil Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell

Choosing the Right Air Filter: More Than Just Price

Choosing the right air filter for your facility involves a comprehensive assessment, as highlighted in a recent exchange between Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell, featured in Camfil’s new YouTube Shorts Video.

The Shortcomings of Spreadsheet Cross-Referencing

Mark Davidson raises a critical point about the common practice of using spreadsheets for air filter selection. He questions whether this approach truly captures the total cost of ownership (TCO) of air filters.

Dave Blackwell’s Perspective on Air Filter Selection

Dave Blackwell, representing Camfil, outlines the limitations of relying on initial purchase prices for air filter selection. He emphasizes that air filters are unique products with distinct lifetime operational costs and should not be treated as interchangeable commodities.

Camfil’s Advice: Look Beyond the Purchase Price

Dave advises a deeper evaluation of air filters, focusing on the total cost of ownership. This includes factors like energy consumption, longevity, maintenance requirements, and the overall impact on HVAC systems. Understanding these elements can lead to significant long-term savings and more effective decision-making.

Key Takeaway: A Holistic View of Air Filter Procurement

This conversation between Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell underscores the importance of a holistic approach in selecting air filters. It’s not just the sticker price that matters, but the accumulated costs and benefits...

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