March 08

VLOG 5 — Can All Air Handling Units Use The Same Air Filter? Customizing Air Filtration for Every Facility – Insights from Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell

Delving into the Diversity of Air Handling Units

In the fifth entry of our informative vlog series, we join Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell from Camfil to address a crucial question: Can all air handling units use the same air filter?

Mark Davidson and Dave Blackwell in the YouTube Shorts Video: Do All Air Handling Units Use The Same Air Filter?

Mark’s Curiosity: The Process of a Facility Survey

Mark Davidson is curious about what happens during Camfil’s facility surveys. With Camfil’s commitment to visiting various facilities across North America, understanding the process is essential for facility managers.

Dave’s Approach: A Tailored Data-Gathering Process

Dave Blackwell explains the initial steps of a survey. It begins with understanding the facility’s size, its specific application, and the environment, whether it’s a heavy industrial area or a rural setting. These factors significantly influence the type of air filtration solution needed.

Assessing Air Handling Units: A Detailed Examination

The survey then delves into the specifics of the air handling units. Dave and his team examine the rated versus actual airflow, the internal conditions of the units, the state of the frames, and what size filter the unit can accept. This information is crucial for selecting an air filter that not only fits but also optimizes the performance of the air handling unit.

The Importance of Individualized Solutions

This vlog highlights that no two air handling units are the same, and...

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