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Which Filter is Best Pleated Air Filter On the Market

A brief look at Camfil’s 30/30 Dual 9 air filter, a game-changer in high-performance pleated air filters.

A pleated air filter is almost always the right choice over a ring panel, with maximized media surface area in a small footprint, greater protection without impeding airflow, a longer service life, and better protection for HVAC equipment. But not all pleated air filters are created equal. Camfil’s 30/30 Dual 9 air filter is the only pleated filter guaranteed to last 9 to 12 months.

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In the process of creating the 30/30 Dual 9 filter, Camfil collected user feedback on what they wanted to see in a pleated air filter. There were three common objectives: a longer service life, reduced energy consumption, and improved filtration (particle capture efficiency) to protect HVAC equipment. The Dual 9 was engineered with these goals in mind, delivering the highest level of particle removal at the lowest possible average pressure drop. Now, Camfil’s 30/30 Dual 9 filter is used everywhere, from homes, schools and office buildings, to hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as production facilities in the food and beverage and other sectors.

Notably, the Dual 9 is used as a prefilter in Camfil’s CamCleaner CC500, extending the unit’s service life (and therefore also reducing maintenance costs) protecting the unit’s true HEPA filter.

One particularly prominent application of the Dual 9 is its use in Camfil’s CamCleaner CC500, a multi-use air purifier. This unit was developed by Camfil as either a stand-alone air purifier or easily configured to generate negative pressure in isolation rooms for pathogen-infected patients. For this application, the Dual 9 is used as a prefilter, protecting the CC500’s true HEPA filter, thus extending its service life and reducing replacement frequency and costs.

The Dual 9 is a physically strong filter, constructed out of proprietary dual-layered blended polyester media pleats, a high wet-strength beverage board, with a welded wire media support grid which produces a filter able to handle up to 2.0" of w.g.

The major benefits of the Dual 9 over competitor units include:

  • Extended life expectancy (9-12 months compared to 3-4 months)

  • Better protection for equipment

  • MERV 9/9A particle capture efficiency for entire service life.

  • Saved labor hours due to less frequent energy

  • Reduced energy consumption.

Major applications for the Dual-9 include use as a prefilter, in a package system, air handler, or split system, and a standalone rooftop filter. To find out how the Dual 9 can help you save energy and labor costs while improving filtration efficiency and protecting air filtration equipment, contact a Camfil representative.

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