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The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions. Camfil is also one of the most global air filtration specialists in the world with 26 production units and R&D centers in four countries in the Americas, Europe, South East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.
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Clean Air Expert Cites Top Reason for Indoor Air Quality Decline

June 16, 2016
U.S. - Indoor air quality has been a major media focus following the release of surprising statistics about the number of deaths linked to contaminated indoor air. According to the World Health Organization, records show that in 2012, the number of people who died as a result of indoor air pollution related illnesses was 4.3 million, which was substantially higher than the number of fatalit...

Camfil Helps Businesses Stay Proactive in Reducing Environmental Risks

June 16, 2016
U.S. - Leading air quality expert Camfil is providing sponsorship for the 2016 NSSF Lead Management and OSHA Workshop in an effort to help more businesses remain proactive in their effort to reduce liabilities linked to environmental risks that impact indoor air quality. The event is geared toward shooting range owners and operators seeking information about lead management and OSHA (Occupa...

Researchers Call for More Emphasis on Indoor Pollution Monitoring

June 03, 2016
Indoor pollution is killing people at rates significantly higher than outdoor pollution, and the general public has for years been none the wiser new research reveals. According to a recent publication by leading global air filtration specialist Camfil, many people are unaware of the massive number of indoor pollution related deaths that occur annually. According to the World Health Organiz...

Indoor Air Can Help Bring Your Retail Shop More Business

May 20, 2016
Does your retail business need cleaner indoor air? In the United States alone, there are more than 3,700,000 retail establishments. An estimated one in four jobs in America are retail-supported. The industry has a total GDP impact in the country to the tune of $2.6 trillion. Statistics like this help provide broad insight into the significant relationship retailers have with the health of t...

Camfil Clean Air Experts Publish Guide Addressing Concerns About Air Quality

May 10, 2016
Camfil Clean Air Experts Publish Guide Addressing Concerns About Air Quality and Health U.S. - A new handbook has been published by the clean air experts of Camfil, addressing questions many have about the impact poor indoor air quality has on human health. Developed as a guide for athletes, the IAQ handbook camfil covers a spectrum of issues related to challenges that stem from indoor ai...

Hospital Workers Compensation Claim Dismissed Following Air Quality Improvement

May 10, 2016
A change in air filtration products helped lead to the dismissal of a workers compensation claim against an extended care hospital in Richmond, British Columbia over air quality. A case study outlining the impact of the change was released by global clean air solutions provider Camfil. The company recently discussed the outcome of the study in two publications about the impact a change in i...

Camfil USA Launches Online Catalog Website

February 21, 2016
New Jersey -- U.S. - According to recent research, the market for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is expected to exceed $7 billion by 2024. This, industry experts say, is attributable to a broader interest in attaining better indoor air quality for entities like commercial and industrial buildings. New standards and building code regulations are also leading many companies on a search for next-g...

Indoor Air Quality a Growing Concern, IAQ Technologies Gain Traction

January 26, 2016
With recent research demonstrating the benefits of high indoor air quality (IAQ) – and the perils of not attaining it -- it is not surprising that the market for IAQ-related technologies is booming.  As reported on January 5 by Environmental Leader, an environmental and energy management news site, a new report expects the market to grow from $4.2 billion in 2015 to $7.1 billion by 2024. ...

New Gadget Highlights Growing Concern About Indoor Air Pollution

January 18, 2016
As the health risks of indoor air pollution become more widely known – and feared – concerned citizens are taking matters into their own hands, proactively measuring air quality and working to improve it.  New technology is helping them take these important steps.   As reported in the December 14 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the Laser Egg – a $79 product about the size of a large o...

Camfil Helps Texas Hospital Reduce Air Filter Energy Use by 60 Percent

January 05, 2016
For one hospital within the famed Texas Medical Center – the largest life sciences destination in the world – purchasing air filters based on ‘first cost’ was a practice that didn’t quite turn out as expected.  Instead of lowering air filtration expenses – no trivial expense considering the hospital’s 13 million square feet of indoor space – the first-cost strategy led to surprisingly high ...