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The 4 Top Causes of Cleanroom Contamination

October 26, 2016
Cleanroom facilities are vital to any industry working within the areas of life sciences or electronic component production. Whether manufacturing pharmaceuticals, working with high tech semiconductors or researching biological specimens, even the smallest stray particles in the air can cause disastrous results requiring expensive downtime and cleanup procedures. In any cleanroom facility...

What Makes a Cleanroom a Cleanroom?

October 26, 2016
A cleanroom is a controlled environment where various types of products are manufactured. Cleanroom facilities are used in several industries where even the smallest amount of contamination can affect the quality of the end product, such as with pharmaceutical and semiconductor production. In every cleanroom the concentration of airborne particles must be controlled to specific limits, wh...

Are You Inadvertently Being Poisoned at The Indoor Shooting Range?

October 24, 2016
The sport of shooting is popular in the United States. Current estimates put the number of firing ranges in the country at somewhere between sixteen and eighteen thousand, with about ten thousand of those being indoor firing ranges. People of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy the freedom to practice their shooting skills and even fire exotic and legendary guns they’ve only read abou...

Sources and Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome

October 24, 2016
The term sick building syndrome, sometimes referred to as SBS, is used to describe situations in which a building’s occupants experience acute negative health and comfort effects that appear to be associated with time spent in the building, but there is no specific identifiable cause or illness that can be found. In some cases, complaints may be associated with certain rooms or zones within...

A Look at Indoor Air Quality and Volatile Organic Compounds

October 21, 2016
When it comes to indoor environments, a major source of the contaminants and pollution that affect indoor air quality are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. They are often mentioned in reports or warnings about the quality of indoor air, but rarely explained. What Are Volatile Organic Compounds? Organic compounds are carbon based chemicals that are found in all living things. Volatile...

5 Reasons Industrial Air Filtration Makes a Difference

October 21, 2016
When most people think about the HVAC system in their home or workplace, they tend to drop the V (ventilation) and just think about the heating and air conditioning (the H and AC). They think of how the system keeps them comfortable in terms of temperature, but rarely give much thought to how comfortable they are in terms of the quality of the air they are breathing. In reality, without s...

Perfecting Automotive Paint Booth Airflow

October 19, 2016
One of the most important parts of automotive painting is the design and construction of the air circulation and filtration system for the paint booth. Air within the booth needs to be kept clean not only for health reasons, but also to achieve good results with the painting process itself. Chemicals and particles left in the air from the paint are, of course, hazardous to humans and the en...

How To Fight Big Data’s Biggest Enemy

October 17, 2016
Data centers are something we deal with every day of our lives without realizing it. We are, quite literally, surrounded by data centers, both virtually and physically. Our phones, tablets, computers and even our televisions run on technology that relies on data centers to feed us the information we are looking for at any given moment. You probably can’t drive more than 5 miles in any urban...

4 Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality To Watch For

October 17, 2016
The quality of indoor air is something most of us take for granted. Unless there is something very specific and unusual going on around us, like heavy cleaning or maybe new construction, we don’t often think about whether or not there is anything wrong with the air we breathe as we go about our daily business. The truth is, though, that indoor air quality is often worse than outdoors. Poo...

The High Price Of Air Travel

October 17, 2016
The evolution of air travel has changed the world over the last few decades. As the airline industry continues to grow, the world continues to shrink. It’s easier and cheaper than ever before for people to fly from one place to another, be it for pleasure or for business. It is estimated that, in the U.S. alone, 23,000 commercial planes take off and land every day. That’s an average of 16 p...